Will I be able to upgrade or add on to my Unlimited Plan wash?

Yes. We'll pro-rate the difference between your unlimited wash menu price and the upgrades & add-ons you’ve chosen.

Can I remove the RFID tag and put it in another car?

The RFID tag is valid for a single car only. Removing it from your windshield will destroy it. However, the plan can be transferred to a different vehicle.

Will the RFID tag interfere with my radio reception, GPS, or garage door opener?

No. The RFID tag is not powered and does not transmit a signal on its own.

Can my Unlimited Plan be used at any Extreme Car Wash?

Yes, your Unlimited Plan is valid at any area Extreme Car Wash.

Is there a minimum term for the plan?

No, you may cancel at any time. A credit will not be given for the current billed month, but you can use the service for the remainder of the month.